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Crystal Dream Aura Spray
  Original Price 4.5 KD

Crystal Essence Aura Spray with Amethyst for a good night sleep.

Price: 3 K.D

Keeping a piece of Amethyst crystal on your bedside is a traditional crystal remedy for insomnia.

Amethyst is traditionally known as having calming and relaxing properties, which may help you settle down for a restoring night’s sleep.

Crystal Dream Aura Spray is created with essence of amethyst, and blended with essential oils with relaxing properties, spraying your energy field, your bedroom, and even a little on your pillow may help to get you in a good nights sleep, allowing you to restore your energy levels.


Shake the bottle of spray well to energize the essences fully. Stand tall, gently close your eyes, and spray a fine mist of Crystal Aura Spray above your head, and allow it to settle gently in and around your energy field. Alternatively, spray ahead of you, and walk through the settling mist. Give yourself a minute to breath deeply and relax, becoming aware of the healing crystal energy around you. Magic in a bottle!

Caution: Avoid all essential oils during pregnancy.

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