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The Magic of Make Believe: Beyond Positive Thinking
by Lee Pascoe
150 pages, paperback

Price: 5 K.D

'Let's pretend.' How do these words make you feel? For most of us, they immediately conjure up our childhood, and with it a wonderful sense of freedom and fun.

'Make Believe' is, in fact, an extra-ordinary and powerful tool for self-improvement, for helping you be who and what you want to be. If you can make believe anything at all, you already have the power to make it happen. It works like magic. In this book you will learn about the people who are already using this magical tool very successfully -- children, actors and hypnotists. In their own way, each of these groups are specialists in 'Make Believe', and have developed their own rituals, attitudes and techniques to put this into practice as efficiently as possible. Where better to learn this skill, maligned and unrecognised by the general public, than from these experts?

Let yourself believe that anything is possible. Let go of disbelief, fear and scepticism. Your life can be a wonderful adventure filled with all you have ever wanted. Just make believe you can have it all. Go for it.

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