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A Walk Through The Presence Process (4 CD set) by Michael Brown
  The Presence Process Teaching Series
Price: 10 K.D

This live recording takes us on an intimate journey through The Presence Process with Michael Brown in a manner that enhances our ability to facilitate ourselves through this unique emotional cleansing procedure.

It awakens us to the insights out of which The Presence Process is born and gently guides us through the entire 70 day procedure. If we have not yet entered this Process experientially through the book, this recording fully prepares us for the adventure. If we have already experienced The Presence Process, Michael’s personal guidance, humor, and anecdotes carry us deeper into understanding its tools, intentions, and the profound possibilities it opens to us. Listening to this CD Series empowers us as self-facilitators and therefore as authentic peacemakers in our communities. It introduces us to the principles of divine alchemy in a way that enables us to comfortably reclaim full responsibility for the quality of our life experience.

“Growing up emotionally initiates authenticity, integrity, and a sense of intimacy with all life.”

“The Presence Process empowers us to experience personal liberation through consciously integrating our suffering.”

“No one is coming to save us. Accepting full responsibility for our experience is the rite of passage that liberates us.”

“Until we embrace personal experience as our ultimate teacher, we are continually led down roads that lead nowhere.”

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