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Awakening to Innocence/Inner Sense
  A live Presentation and an interview with Michael Brown
Author of "The Presence Process"

3 DVDs

Price: 14 K.D

Drawing from personal experience, Michael Brown takes us on a lively journey that retraces how our awareness develops, beginning with our entry into the phenomenal world. This presentation reveals the crucial roles our physical, mental, and emotional bodies play as they lead us into a trinity of authenticity, integrity, and intimacy. Rich with Michael's humorous insights, the DVD is a springboard for anyone who intends to embark upon The Presence Process, while those who have already undertaken the journey will find it profoundly integrative.

This intimate encounter with Michael, filmed at home where he wrote The Presence Process, is a candid discussion of how the procedure came about, who may benefit from it, and what Michael perceives his role to be in the unfolding of this evolutionary self-facilitation tool.

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