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Into The Breath DVD

90 minutes with Dr. Judith Kravitz Founder of the Transformational Breath

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Price: 7 K.D
A film by Niklas Schrimpf featuring 90 Minutes of compelling insights, step by step guidance, success stories and tricks of the trade by Dr. Judith Kravitz. See Judith work in-session. Includes Special Features such as a discussion of Miracle Consciousness, and a 5-minute Breath Exercise.

Beyond the Main Feature are 4 Special segments:

1) 100 Breaths to Joy Exercise (5 min.)
2) In Session with Judith (12 min.)
3) Judith and Family (1.5 min.)
4) Miracle Consciousness Discussion (30 min.)


While this DVD is the first offering by the Transformational Breath Foundation to provide some instruction it is not intended to be a substitute for professional facilitation. It will, however, get one started safely and to understand some basics taught in our Workshops and Trainings. Please locate a Facilitator in your area.

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