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Back to School Special
Price for both together

Be focused and fabulous for the new school year with the holistic-minded student's quintessential study aids, Brilliant Student and FAB Spray

Price: 10 K.D

Brilliant Student:
For Studying, Creativity and Alertness; Boosts Confidence for Public Speaking; Eloquence.

Assists one in staying focused, energized and awake with acute concentration. This essence helps in keeping your mind interested and the creativity and imagination flowing. It is revitalizing and refreshing. (Also useful when driving a car or when tired). Boosts confidence for public speaking, test taking and presentations. Radiant inspiration. Access the part of you that knows the answers.

FAB Spray:
Focused, Awake & Brilliant
For Altertness While Studying, Driving, Etc.; For Focus and Clarity; Wide Awake and Brilliant

F.A.B. Spray enhances focus and concentration while studying, working, or any activity that requires your full attention. Helps clear your head. Promotes alertness if you are driving and begin to feel foggy. "I am a brilliant, wide awake, creative genius." This combination is effective in many dimensions.

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