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Sheet of Star Stickers
  Which Star are you today? A sheet of 35 colourful Star Stickers

Price: 0.5 K.D

These bright and cheerful stickers will bring a smile to your child’s face – no matter what age they are.

Includes stickers such as Happy Star, Peaceful Star, Brilliant Star. They can be used as rewards, stick on a Star Chart or homework books, lunch boxes, school folders or themselves. A fantastic resource for creating a positive climate in the classroom or at home.

You might like to make a Star Chart Encourage good behaviour by introducing a Star Chart into your home life. A Star Chart helps you set clear boundaries so your child is able to see that good behaviour will bring rewards. This summer, try making a simple Star Chart with your child

Children can receive a Star Sticker when they do things such as eat fruit and vegetables, drink water, exercise, do their reading, keep their bedroom tidy, put things away, do their homework, help around the house, do what they have been asked, be polite, share their things. Once they have collected 5, they receive rewards such as earn pocket money, go to their favourite place, do their favourite activity, eat their favourite meal, have a treat, play their favourite game, watch their favourite program on television or go to bed half an hour later.

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