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Shining Stars
  Sparkling meditations for Shining Stars!!!
The perfect CD to help your little ones get off to sleep...

Original Price 7.5 KD

Price: 4 K.D

17 relaxations, songs and stories to help children feel relaxed and reassured.

Suitable for children ages 3-9 (Key Stage 1 and 2) (many parents have commented that their babies and toddlers have responded well to this CD)

This CD is designed to engage your child while introducing them to relaxation and simple stress-management techniques. These unique relaxations incorporate visualisations, muscle relaxations and affirmations.

Children go on relaxing journeys in their mind so enhancing their creativity and imagination. These proven techniques encourage mental and emotional health and provide tools for children who suffer from sleeping problems, anxiety and worries.

Examples include lying on a soft cloud, a shower of light and a blanket of peace.

This CD is perfect for shorter attention spans and children who are just starting to learn how to relax. It is deal for bed-time listening - bringing a feeling of calm to both child and parent.

Marneta's gentle, well-modulated voice calms, re-assures and encourages children to relax. The narration is accompanied by soft and soothing music which further enhances the child's relaxation experience.

Regular listening to this CD will help children feel calm and relaxed.

This CD can be used by parents at home and also by therapists, child coaches and counsellors, play workers, child mental health advisors, Child Psychiatrists/Psychotherapists, learning mentors, SENCOs, yoga and dance instructors All Relax Kids CDs come beautifully packaged in a full colour cardboard pull-out digi-pack and have been professionally recorded.

This CD can be used:

at bedtime to help children sleep
at bath time to prepare children to relax (parental supervision necessary)
to help children before a hospital or dentist appointment
during car journeys and long flights
to help children who suffer from stress, anxiety, stress and panic attacks
to help children with hyperactivity, ADD and ADHD

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