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Relax Your Child - Anxiety and Worry CD
  Does your child worry?
Does your child worry about going to the doctors, dentist or hospital?

Original Price 7.5 KD

Price: 4 K.D

This pack includes a CD of 10 calming relaxations and a booklet of exercises to help your child manage their worries and anxieties.

Activities such as progressive muscle relaxation, visual imagery, positive affirmations and breathing techniques have been used to help reduce stress and anxiety in children. Relaxation strategies have been shown to be extremely effective treatment components for reducing anxiety and worry in children and young people. These tracks can been used to help bring peace and calm to your child as well as provide stress management tools. This CD can also help children to overcome their fears, anxious thoughts and shyness and so feel more confident and self assure.

Examples include: standing at the top of a mountain, floating on a balloon and creating positive mental pictures. These relaxations aim to develop peace and calm as children are introduced to relaxation exercises and simple anxiety management techniques.

Regular listening to this CD will help children feel more peaceful as they learn to conquer their fears and worries. The narration is accompanied by soft and soothing music which further enhances the child's relaxation experience. This CD can be used by parents at home and also by teachers, therapists, child coaches and counsellors, play workers, child mental health advisors, child psychiatrists/psychotherapists, learning mentors and SENCOs. Marneta's gentle, well-modulated voice calms, re-assures and encourages children to relax. All Relax Kids CDs come beautifully packaged in a full colour cardboard pull-out digi-pack with booklet and have been professionally recorded and are highly recommended.

This CD can be used:

for hospital and dentist appointments
for self esteem issues
for anxiety disorders
to promote deeper sleep
for anxiety and shyness
for nervousness and fears 

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