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Super Immune Spray
  Original Price 7 KD

Great for an immune boost for any reason.

Price: 4.5 K.D
Strengthens immune system, energetically purifies and protects.

At the first sign of a symptom, this essence can activate and strengthen the immune system via the electrical system, allowing the body to concentrate full time on the physical, thus speeding up recovery time dramatically.

For prevention:

use before entering contagious spaces or when exposed to germs when those around you are cleansing (i.e. colds, flu) or when going to the hospital - as a patient or a visitor.

Also helpful for radiation exposure and protection on any level: diagnostic, therapeutic, accidental or employment-related.

Excellent to spray on before and during a cleanse.

It is a valuable adjunct to any therapeutic modality; it will enhance and accelerate your healing.

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