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Spray Smudge
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SpraysmudgeTM The No-Mess, No-Fuss Alternative to the Sage Smudge Stick - A Powerful Cleanser of Negative and Unwanted Energy.

Price: 3 K.D
Smudging your space on a regular basis will help to keep you clear and focused.

It is not always practical to light incense or a smudge stick, so if you need to clear the energy with no fuss, then try SpraysmudgeTM. It is a powerful cleanser of negative or unwanted energies, created with crystal essences of Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz and Herkimer Diamond, and blended with essential oils of sage and cedar-wood, for a fresh and powerful blast of positive crystal energy.

Do You Need Smudging?
If you work with people, in any capacity, and you are sensitive, which is likely if you are browsing this kind of site, then your energy field may sometimes become “loaded” with other people’s emotional issues. This is not always “negative”, it could be that somebody who sits next to you at work is going through a divorce, you listen, you empathize, at the end of the day you feel exhausted!

Maybe you have a tricky teenager in the house, and there are constant arguments, or you just feel that you need to keep the energy balanced and clean. These are all situations where smudging, of any kind you choose, can help. Remember, it is always 50% product, 50% your intention. Protecting your energy field is vital if you work as a healing therapist, or a counselor etc.

What is SpraysmudgeTM?
SpraysmudgeTM is the no-mess alternative to the traditional sage wand. The scent of burning sage is beautiful, but not always practical, when working in therapy centers with smoke alarms, at home with children, or if you have an intolerance to smoke.

This is where SpraysmudgeTM can help. The spray contains the beautiful aromas of essential oil of sage, and cedarwood, but more importantly, it contains powerful crystal essences of Black Tourmaline, to protect, Smokey Quartz to filter and cleanse, and Herkimer Diamond, to bring clarity. The crystal essences are created by placing carefully chosen stones into a glass dish of spring water, which is then left in the morning sun, to energize the water with the healing/therapeutic properties of the stones. This crystal water is then placed out on the night of the full moon, to further energize the water. This is then preserved as an essence, very similar to a flower remedy.

This essence is blended with spring water and the essential oils, and then each hand filled bottle is energy Charged, and surrounded by Crystals, and filled with positive intention.

How to Use SpraysmudgeTM
Simply spray and smudge! Pay attention to corners and doorways where energy can collect. You need around 6-8 “mists” in the room for it to be thoroughly effective, and you can mist an area, then walk through the mist, allowing it to gently settle upon your energy field, it is great at relieving stress headaches!

Happy Smudging and Stay Positive!

Caution: Avoid all essential oils during pregnancy.

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