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House Blessing Spray
  Original Price 4.5 KD

A House Blessing Spray, filled with Crystal Essences, to bring love and light vibrations into your special place.

Price: 3 K.D
House Blessing Spray is created with crystal essence of Amethyst, for tranquility, peace, and healing, and rose quartz, for love and warmth.

A beautiful blend of essential oils is added to make a House Blessing Spray that will fill your home with love, and positive energy, it also smells fantastic! This spray will encourage you to love and appreciate the home that you are in, giving you a feeling of peace and wellbeing.

Gently mist around your space, whenever you feel the energy in your home feels a little flat or tired, or maybe before guests arrive, to create a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere.
Caution: Avoid all essential oils during pregnancy

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