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House Blessing Incense
  Original Price 3.5 KD

A beautiful hand blended incense, to bless and consecrate your sacred space.

Price: 2 K.D

This incense blend contains rose petals from India, lavender flowers from France, and frankincense from Africa, together with essential oils of sweet orange and lavender, a combination which not only smells beautiful but will magically bless and consecrate your space, bringing peace and tranquility.

Allow the incense smoke to gently flow, energizing your space, and bringing you love and feelings general wellbeing.
Burning granular or loose incense is a natural way of bringing fragrance and good energy into the home. At spraysmudgeTM they source resins, powders, herbs and flowers from all around the world, to create beautifully scented, 100% natural incense blends.

How to use it?

To burn loose incense, you firstly need a burner, terracotta or brass is ideal, as they retain the heat without cracking, you also need a heat source, in the form of charcoal disks.
Place the hot charcoal disk in your chosen burner, simply add a small amount of your chosen blend on to the charcoal, and it will begin to burn. A little goes a long way! Ensure that the space is well ventilated, and of course, never leave incense or candles burning unattended.

You can continue to add grains, until the charcoal cools.

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