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Orgone Energy Products-Muffins, Pyramids, Cones


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What is Orgone or Life Force energy?

Orgone is the name given to life force energy, also chi or prana, by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930's.

Its means energy and it comes in different names such as: ki, Ch'i (or Chi,) reiki,prana, etheric energy, Qigong, kundalini, mana, life force, bio-energy...etc.

Reich discovered that orgone energy is everywhere in two forms, positive orgone – in its natural form, and dead orgone – produced by electromagnetic fields, microwaves, computers, cellular antennas and phones and geopathic stress zones.

His Orgone Accumulator was based on the principle that when Dead Orgone (DOR) passes through multiple layers made with alternated organic and non organic matter, it turns into Positive Orgone (POR) again and has the ability to heal.

The basic function of the Orgone Energy Generator or Orgone Energy Accumulator is to recycle stagnant negative energy, also known as dead Orgone Energy, into healthy and pure "life enhancing" or "life giving" Orgone Energy - otherwise known as Life Force or Chi Energy .

The products below has been made with Orgone technology enhanced by adding crystals and gemstones to the mix and alchemically aligning the orgone matrix with the sacred vibrations imprinted in the process. The result is an amplification of the life-enhancing effect of the orgone, and a conscious, living energy tool for personal and environmental uses.

Pyramids: For use in the home, office, and personal use. The Pyramid shape transforms and elevates energies around it. Enhanced by the crystals used to protect against effects of EMF. Will enhances the life force or "Ch'i" energy wherever used.

The Pyramids below contain powerful gemstones and minerals, aulterra, and monoatomic elements for a very potent and effective space clearing energy tool. Clears geopathic stress when on earth grids, clears ley lines, greatly reduces negative effects of EMF, keeps space clear of entities, and creates a positive force field around the whole house when placed in the 4 corners of the home.

Tri-Metal Cones

(Aluminium/Copper/Gold--for more challenging areas) *includes malachite and lapis stones.
Price: 25 K.D
Out of stock
Contact us for Pre order.

Mega Muffin - Personal Space Enhancer

amazonite, amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, rose & clear quartz, garnet, ruby, malachite, lapis, lepidolite, tourquoise, tourmaline, nano copper, aulterra, monoatomic elements, iron, copper and gold flakes.
Price: 15 K.D
Out of stock
Contact us for Pre order.

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