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Sprays( Aura & Space), Flower Essences-SpraysmudgeTM


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SpraysmudgeTM Products:

Creating positive energy in your life is relatively simple, and can bring huge changes to your sense of wellbeing. Feeling calm and relaxed in your personal space really is one of the big keys to health, and happiness. Energy is entirely neutral, its what we do with it that counts. Fire is an energy, which can warm, or burn. Water is an energy that can hydrate, or drown. See energy as another one of life’s resources, and all you have to learn is how to use it wisely.

To get more information about SpraysmudgeTM please read the info in Products page.

"I am using the SpraysmudgeTM products in my home and office for about a year and everyone enters my house said it has peaceful energy, and they liked being there" M.S.AB - Kuwait

Click on each item photo below to get more detail info about it and how to use.

Crystal Dream Aura Spray

Original Price 4.5 KD

Crystal Essence Aura Spray with Amethyst for a good night sleep.
Price: 3 K.D

Crystal Peace Aura Gift Set

Original Price 7 KD

A beautiful box set containing a 50ml bottle of Crystal Peace Aura Spray, and a Crystal Puff Heart in an Organza bag.
Price: 5 K.D

Crystal Love Aura Spray

Original Price 4.5 KD

Crystal Essence Aura Spray, created with Essence of Rose Quartz - Feel lovable, Attract Love!
Price: 3 K.D

House Blessing Incense

Original Price 3.5 KD

A beautiful hand blended incense, to bless and consecrate your sacred space.
Price: 2 K.D

Crystal Peace Aura Spray

Original Price 4.5 KD

Crystal Essence Aura Spray, to bring Peace and Tranquility into your life!
Price: 3 K.D

House Blessing Spray

Original Price 4.5 KD

A House Blessing Spray, filled with Crystal Essences, to bring love and light vibrations into your special place.
Price: 3 K.D

Crystal Dream Aura Gift Set

Original Price 7 KD

Beautiful Gift Box Set containing Crystal Dream Aura Spray, and a polished puff heart of Amethyst, with an organza gift bag.
Price: 5 K.D

Smudge in a Jar

Original Price 3.5 KD

Hand Blended Incense, created with white sage leaf and copal resin for energy cleansing, and juniper berry for protection.

This incense can be burnt gently on a charcoal disk, the resulting smoke can then be used to "smudge" your space, relieving feelings of negative or stale energy.
Price: 2 K.D

Crystal Love Aura Gift Set

Original Price 7 KD

Box Set with Crystal Essence Aura Spray, and a Rose Quartz Puff Heart, in an organza bag, to attract love, and feel lovable!
Price: 5 K.D
Out of stock
Contact us for Pre order.

Spray Smudge

Original Price 4.5 KD

SpraysmudgeTM The No-Mess, No-Fuss Alternative to the Sage Smudge Stick - A Powerful Cleanser of Negative and Unwanted Energy.
Price: 3 K.D

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