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What is ADR Technology and how can it benifit me?

ADR stands for Advanced Dielectric Radiation and in general terms it is defined by physical properties of specially designed ceramic matter saturated with proprietary water based solution. The trapped particles of the water solution have the abilities to absorb electrical constant of electromagnetic fields.

The electromagnetic radiation (also referred to as Electromagnetic Fields ) comes at us from all directions. It's beamed at us from cellular phone antennae, FM/TV antennae and a host of other communication antennae. High voltage electrical transmission lines, electrical distribution wires and transformers contribute to the radiation levels. Technologies like cellular/mobile phones, cordless phones, Bluetooth, wireless Internet connections and others contribute to the levels of high frequency radiation. In addition, many other electrical devices add low frequency radiation on top of that. 

Our bodies have not been prepared for this onslaught and are feeling the effects of having to function in this hostile environment of intense radiation. It's therefore not surprising that after decades of research scientists have linked countless illnesses and diseases to our exposure to man-made electromagnetic radiation. Learn more about what ADR Technology can do for you.

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Neutralize & Harmonize energy forces & Geopathic radiation.
Creates a positive living enviroment for you & your family.
Price: 6.5 K.D
Out of stock
Contact us for Pre order.


Energize your drinks!
Price: 15 K.D

ADR-4® Energy Stimulator

Energize your food and beverages

Original Price 20 KD

Price: 10.5 K.D
Out of stock
Contact us for Pre order.


Protect yourself while using your laptop & ipad..etc

Original Price 20 KD
Price: 15 K.D


The ADR Protect® Energy Stimulator
Price: 6 K.D
Out of stock
Contact us for Pre order.

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