SpraysmudgeTM was inspired by a love of the natural world.  Magic surrounds us in nature, and yet with the fast pace of today’s lifestyle, we tend not to see it.  So the aim is bring a little bit of Magic to everyone!   Each and every one of the products is hand made, start to finish, with positive intention.

High quality essential oils, resins, herbs and flowers which are sourced from all around the world, by a supplier who is committed to using every part of each tree and plant which is cut or harvested, therefore minimising waste, and helping the environment.

80% of the boxes and packaging are recyclable,  please recycle the glass bottles and jars with care.  Spraysmudge is totally against animal testing, none of the ingredients  used  in the  products have been tested on animals, that will never change.

SpraysmudgeTM products are all hand made and 100% natural, and all with the intention to bring peace, clarity and positive energy & healing into your home, and your life.

SpraysmudgeTM is created by crystal healer, Gem & flower Essence Practitioner.

Basically, the  philosophy is “what you give out, you get back”.   

We’re proud to introduce SpraysmudgeTM products in Kuwait as being the Exclusive seller/distributor in Kuwait.

Please visit our shopping page to explore the varieties of SpraysmudgeTM products and order online.