During the last century rapid technological development predominantly in the area of electromagnetic and electronic devices has caused an electromagnetic pollution of our environment. This "electromagnetic smog" is constantly increasing and posing more and more danger to the quality of our lives.

According to some sources, the value of man-made alternating electromagnetic fields, especially in big cities, can be 100 000 higher than the value of the earth's natural field.

In the last few decades this electromagnetic smog has gone from being a rare phenomenon to being an accepted normal condition of life on earth. The processes of food rotting have become more pronounced because of the food industry using more preservatives negatively influencing human health. The direct influence of an alternating electromagnetic field on the human body and behavior is even more important. It is evident during everyday activities at home or in the office (especially while working with computers), when using electric floor heating systems or even during sleep when using electric blankets and having other electrical devices in close proximity.

ADR System have variety of products using with the same technology with different effects/fields such as:

- Changing the energy and structural arrangement of water molecules in food & drinks.

- Helps to reduce the adverse effects of environmental pollutants on human organisms such as Computers, Mobile phones, Microwave ovens, Electric devices…etc.

- Harmonizes environmental energies and influences in our immediate surroundings. When negative geopathic influences such as radiation of underground water stream or sewage pipes, caves or mineral bodies, or influences from electromagnetic motors in computers, appliances, photocopiers sap your energy

- Energize plants, cut flowers.

- Energize food in your Fridge.

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