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1) Participants:

Dear Manal,
I've found my true self, my passion and got to know myself better and deeper through these workshops.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Ethar I. Al-Fouzan
Heal your life workshop

"To me, life is a box with infinite sides of different sizes, colors, textures, and shapes. By this course, I was given the ability to discover a new side of the box. Being positive, made me see things differently, have a new perspective of life, and understand people better."

Sara Al-Mudhaf – Silva method

I thank you for offering self development courses that provide people with tools to live a better life, and your concern to ensure that those courses agree with our religion and beliefs. I also appreciate your organizational services and keeping the participant constantly updated with your course arrangements. The organization is excellent and the services offered as well.
Wish you all the best & God bless you.


Everything was Fantastic, the workshops were really well organized and the energy was amazing. I appreciate your effort plus I love your soul. God bless you.

Bushra Al-Kazemi

" I found miss Manal Al-Musallam training organization very helpful and  handy she chooses the perfect instructors ,perfect and interesting subject.
I am a chemical  engineer I worked for 20 yrs at Kuwait institute for scientific research attended  a lot of  courses locally and abroad (Holland, London, USA, Egypt, Bahrain)
I found Manal course training organization one of the best regarding : instructors ,books
place of the course ,time of the course all fits me and my need thanks Manal for every thing
you made me proud that I am Kuwaiti.

Salima Aljadi

Good Evening
Your work is Amazing...organized...reasonable prices whether for trainings or books or products...the hotel is excellent, comfortable environment…in your courses I feel like I am in home very pleased and relaxed.

Most of the instructors are excellent, the subjects of the courses are always new to the field and it always add new thing to our lives.

I always tell people that if a course organized by Manal...I take it for granted because I know that she makes it easy on us by concentrating on every detail in the course (Classroom, our needs, Food, listen to us...etc)

Afaf Al-Jasem

During the past two years I have attended almost every course you have offered. The experience I must say was an eye opening and life transforming. I have a better awareness now of myself and others as well, which intern reflects on my life. I do recommend that people should attend self-help courses that you offer, above all I do highly recommend the Silva Method Course that provide a self help tool for every aspect in life. Thanks Manal.

A. E.

'I had the pleasure of meeting Manal several years ago and since then we have built up a wonderful friendship.  Manal's kind spirit and generosity is best reflected in the weekly lectures that she hosts in her home for family, friends and all those who are eager to share knowledge.  Many topics are covered such as religious studies, Homeopathy, alternative healing techniques and self awareness methods.  Manal is a dedicated individual and her urge to share new information with others is the key to her success.  Manal organizes healing workshops and seminars with the highest degree of professionalism and efficiency and she is always keen on inviting the latest lecturers from both the local as well as the international scene. I wish her the very best of luck.'

Alanoud, Kuwait

Dear Manal,
       I don't know if I have the words to express to you my gratitude for providing me with this opportunity and experience.  All
three events that I had the privilege of attending have been such a gift to me on this path of spiritual growth; as I am sure it has been for everyone that was there.  Thank you for being who you are, thank you for the sweetness and kindness you bring to everyone you meet, and thank you for valuing the emotional and spiritual journey we are all on.  You are truly an angel sent to us to bring us together in love, help us heal, and give us a chance at freedom and peace of mind.  God bless you.

Forever In Gratitude,

thanks alot for the lovely course , my daughter liked & enjoied your lessons alot.
She was excited to come every day &  was waiting for your games & new ideas.
It was nice meeting you.

Thanks & regards,
D.M - Daughter attended Relax Kids Chill Skills With Manal

2) Instructors:

Dear Manal,
Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for your love, graciousness, care, for
organizing everything and your attention to detail, your openness, for explaining so much and introducing me to your family. It has been truly wonderful to come to Kuwait and run a workshop. Thank you.

Love Cate

Cate Mackenzie
Life Coach
Workshop leader - UK

Manal is a delight to work with and she presents professionalism on every level. She pays great attention to detail and creates workshops which are fully prepared and flow flawlessly. She is also very patient and kind, and answered an endless stream of questions from me as I prepared for my first trip to Kuwait. Everything was perfect, from the accommodations, transportation, meals, workshop presentation, supplies, and most gracious hospitality. I highly recommend working with Manal for all of your workshop needs.  

Holly Perry, East Lansing, Michigan USA

Dear Manal,
In 2008 I was invited by Manal to teach an advanced course to Silva graduates in Kuwait. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the group very much and was happy to answer the extremely intelligent questions that I received from the participants. Manal arranged everything perfectly in the elegant hotel, so the course went very smoothly. I also had the privilege to have dinner in Manal's house with her wonderful husband and children. I still feel the taste of  her perfect rice and fish in my mouth...
Laszlo Domjan MD, PhD
Hungarian Silva-lecturer

I am always delighted to come and present in Kuwait, a fascinating and rapidly changing culture.
Manal has come to be a great personal friend, as well as a professional and efficient organizer.
I have always been made to feel more than welcome both by Manal and her family, and by the students in classes. In fact, I have been almost overwhelmed with gifts and appreciation!
In general, her clients & friends are intelligent, enquiring, open, and enthusiastic.

With Love,
Dr. Lee Pascoe-Trainer
Silva Method
Total Learning

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to provide a Feng Shui training course for your school.

When I visited your country in 2003 I believe that it was the first time that  a Feng Shui course had been held in your country and I must admit that I was a little anxious at the prospect, however any uncertainty I had was soon put to rest.

The course was a pleasure and an experience to teach.  The venue was superb, being both spacious and well equipped to run the course, and the class  a pleasure to teach.

The participants were fantastic to teach. It is difficult to know prior to teaching a subject that has never been taught in a country before how people in that country, especially with a different cultural and religious beliefs, will find your teaching. However any anxiety was soon put to rest, the students were extremely receptive and open to explore ideas and very willing to participate in discussion and activities.

The students were a real pleasure to teach and I genuinely believe that they went away with new skills that they were going to practice in their everyday lives; indeed I recall one lady came in to the class one morning having the previous night carried out some of the work we had been doing the previous day and she was astounded at the positive result she had immediately felt.

The students were fantastic, challenging ideas and accepting others – I hope they are still practicing what they learnt and experiencing positive benefits.

Throughout my visit I was treated with the utmost respect and looked after in away that I have never experienced before. The hospitality, kindness and thoughtfulness of yourself and the many members of your friends and family that I met was both genuine and generous. I would  like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you  and would be grateful if you would pass on my thanks to your friends and family.

I also learned a lot about myself, my teaching and also Feng Shui from the experience of applying my knowledge to teach others  (who I assumed had not had any previous knowledge of the subject).

Thank you for the opportunity.

Kindest regards
Neil Butterworth
Feng Shui Consultant

"I have been fortunate enough to be invited by Manal to run several workshops in Kuwait including "The Heal Your Life - 2 day Workshop", "The Heal Your Life Advanced/Reconnect 1 day Workshop" and "Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen".  Manals' warmth and experience combined with her excellent training, organizational/managerial skills mean that every event has been well planned and successful.  On every visit I have been warmly received and taken care of and even in the short periods of time I have spent in Kuwait it has felt like visiting family. I look forward to many more opportunities to work with Manal in the future".

Gillian Bowles MBA  "Heal your Life" Teacher Trainer & Workshop Leader

I have had the good fortune to have presented a Thought Field Therapy Algorithm Training (TFT) twice in Kuwait .

It was such a pleasure meeting Manal and her family and friends.  In Kuwait , I feel like I have a second family and a home away from home.  I have given over 100 trainings around the world, and I can honestly say that no one has ever been more gracious and warm or provided better accommodations or a lovelier workshop setting than Manal.  I look forward to returning to Kuwait when an opportunity presents itself. Until then, thanks to Manal I will always have wonderful Kuwait memories to treasure. 

Suzanne M. Connolly, LCSW, LMFT
Certified TFT Trainer
Clinical Social Worker, Marriage & Family Therapist, Independent Substance Abuse Counselor, Certified Sex Therapist (AASECT).


I would like to express how wonderful it has been to be able to bring the People Building NLP4Kids workshop to Kuwait. It was a delight to meet Manal and her family, all of whom were so hospitable and incredibly kind. We were exceptionally well looked after and the entire arrangements of the event were all taken care of -even the smallest of details. I would entirely recommend that anyone who is offered the opportunity to  bring their course to Kuwait by Manal, should not hesitate in doing so as it is a most rewarding experience and an excellent opportunity.

Gemma Bailey M.NLP, D.Hyp. Trainer of NLP and Hypnotherapy.
People Building-NLP4Kids, UK.

3) Business Field:

Manal's enthusiasm and dedication set her as one of the pioneering intellectuals of the region. A leading organizer of courses specialized in the human development. Diversified to suite different tastes as well as sophisticated to help unlocking abilities and benefiting mind, body and soul. Manal is also the exclusive agent in Kuwait for Q-Link products. The most advanced personal energy system.
Fuad Bukhari
Owner at SHARWACOM Trading Est.
Owner at SHARAT Architecture & Design


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