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About us

In June 2002 we had a thought: it was an idea and a dream to bring the most powerful and healthy products and life transformation trainings to Kuwait.
This became a reality in Jan 2003.
And since then, our reputation and our valued customers and friends speak for our success.
We’re different because we put Effort, Purity, Love, good intention and Positivity in our work to bring you the best of the best.

Our Mission:

Bring health, happiness, peacefulness, spirituality and success to every person’s life. Our soul purpose is to enlighten people and to bring clarity to their life by providing professional training courses that are presented by international certified instructors and by the related products that are also available to compliment this kind of courses.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to inspire everyone, offering the opportunities for a better life. We seek to develop positivity and optimism in people’s lives and as a result, eliminate mental, emotional and physical challenges. We encourage people to have a stress free environment, and we provide the tools needed to have the perfect environment. Therefore, our vision is to revolutionize people’s perception and beliefs, to live a happy stress-free life


• We promise to offer trainings that respect everyone’s different beliefs  & religion.
•  We promise to bring the best quality products and training to you.
•  We promise to bring Relaxation & Happiness into your life.

With Love & Best Wishes,

Manal Al-Musallam

Founder of Peaceful Moments
Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator
NLP Master practitioner
RK Teacher

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