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Anger Management Program 16th Oct 2008 by Linda Bolland
The Silva Method Presented by Dr. Lee Pascoe July 2004 - Salzburg/Austria
The first NLP junior Practitioner group in Kuwait - Trainer Gemma Bailey May 2009
Reclaim your Breath weekend Nov 2009 with Dr. Judith Kravitz
Silva Method-BLS program by Dr. Lee Pascoe 29th Oct 2008
The Silva Method - Salzburg/Austria July 2004 - Lunch Break
PSYCH-K Course May 2009 presented by Cazzie Dare
Energy releasing from participants during a meditation session. Photo taken by Manal Al-Musallam, copyrighted 2009
Open Your Heart Workshop by Cate Mackenzie, Jan 2009
TFT Algorithm Level presented by Suzanne Connolly - Sept 2004
PSYCH-K, May 2009 by Cazzie Dare
Develop Your Intuition with Dowsing -Susan Collins, Jan 2010
Energy Healing Course- Istanbul/Turkey July 2003 (Group infront of Blue Mosque)
Kids having fun in NLP4Kids course May 2009 - instructor Gemma Bailey
Silva Children's Class March 2007 by Dr. Lee Pascoe
Dowsing course - Turning Knowledge into Power with Susan Collins, 15th Jan 2010
Neil Butterworth - Feng Shui Jan 2003
Concentration - NLP4Kids May 2009
Silva BLS program by Lee Pascoe March 2007
TFT Diagnostic Level with Suzanne Connolly, March 2010
Feng Shui workshop - Jan 2003
Boys praying during breaks - NLP4Kids May 2009
Dowsing Course by Susan Collins April 2009
TFT Algorithm March 2010 with Suzanne Connolly
Energy Healing Course Istanbul/Turkey July 2003 during Cafe' Break
Instructor Gemma Bailey NLP4Kids May 2009
Silva BLS Oct-Nov  2009 presented by Lee Pascoe
BioGeometry Foundation training presented By Mona Hossny Dec 2011
Trip to Istanbul/Turkey July 2003 - Pool View
Practicing NLP4Kids May 2009
Silva BLS Oct-Nov 2009 Presented by Lee Pascoe

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