Level 5 is our TEACHER TRAINING.

  • Completion of Level 4. (Exceptions sometimes granted depending on scheduling considerations).
  • Level 5 curriculum appears on the schedule as a 7 day training.


Level V is designed to be highly experiential and life-changing. Whether your mission is to become a Transformational Breath Trainer or not, this program is a tremendous opportunity to expand your ability to express your truth, gain confidence and share who you are with more joy and faith than ever before. In addition to developing a deeper understanding of advanced Transformational Breath consciousness and technique, we will practice:

Effective presentation skills
Teaching from a place of mission
Group dynamics and leadership
Organizing material and structuring your program
Supporting the various ways in which people learn
Expanding your capacity to lead from the heart
Clarification of goals and the power of intention
Express yourself authentically from the heart
Lots of breathing, connecting, fun!

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