• Completion of Personal Level Training (either 6-day Seminar or equivalent Levels 1, 2 and 3).
  • Plus, ALL PARTS MUST be taken in sequence since one part builds upon the previous.
  • PARTS: Level 4 curriculum appears on the schedule as either TWO PARTS (A and B) or THREE PARTS (1, 2 and 3). The content is the same.
  • Students may migrate from the A/B schedule to the 1/2/3 format and back, as needed. Though you may be required to take some material over again to avoid gaps, you will receive tuition credit for days already taken.


After experiencing the life-changing qualities of Seminar many feel called to study and share this work with others. Level 4 is a fifteen-day course, with a specialized focus on Facilitator skills and experience in becoming a professional in Transformational Breath, and leading eventually to certification.

Using the THREE-PART schedule, Module 1 develops understanding of the technique, consciousness, and tools used in Transformational Breath, such as Breathing Analysis, Miracle Consciousness, using "The Work", Psycho-Spiritual body mapping and other hands-on applications, session content, toning, invocations, major areas of integration, introduction to working with clients, unique aspects of Transformational Breath, and Transformational Breath mentoring.

Module 2 introduces coaching concepts and applications to work more consciously with client's behaviors and beliefs to achieve their goals. Practicing and developing skills in Transformational Coaching, working with multiple clients, Breath molding, Anatomy, developing "Miracle Consciousness".

Module 3 contains more work in-depth with clients and specialty groups, such as sessions with children, seniors, pregnant women, childbirth, asthmatics, heart conditions, advanced Breathing Analysis. Building a practice, feedback / intake forms, Children's Program, community workshops, working with groups, client session clinic, exam review, exams, envisioning ideal life, energy initiation.


Upon finishing Level 4, a Facilitator may begin their Apprenticeship as staff in our programs, and fulfilling other Certification requirements. They are also eligible to continue into Level V Training, which is required in order to provide Transformational Breath® workshops.

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