The "Seminar" is a 6-day program identical in content to Levels I, II and III.


The goal of Seminar is to use the Breath to create powerful and permanent personal transformation in a relatively short period. Seminar week begins the process of mastering one's breath, understanding how it is directly connected to mastering one's life or life-force, and provide tools and instruction so one may continue self-sessions at home.

The week is packed with numerous ways of working with Transformational Breath so that, post-program, it becomes an important part of the participant's life on a daily basis. There are two to three breath sessions each day.

Some of the Seminar Activities:

  • Exploring the diversity of full diaphragmatic breathing in varied ways such as Partner Breathing, Seated Sessions, Throat, Underwater, Nanu / Mini-session, Brain Balancing, and Mirror Breathing
  • Fountain of Youth 5 Tibetan Rites
  • "The Work" Judgment Resolution Process
  • Work on the Inner Child
  • "Break-states"
  • Forgiveness Exercise
  • Prosperity Program
  • Breathing Analysis
  • Body Mapping
  • Pre- and post- session Transformational Coaching


15th Oct 5 - 8:30 pm (Monday)
16th - 19th Oct 9 am - 7 pm - may end 1 hour earlier or later depends on the daily program (Tuesday to Friday)
20th Oct 9 am - 2 pm (Saturday)


645 KWD

Early registration 595 KWD until 15th July.

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