Fri & Sat: 9:30 Am – 7 Pm (flexible until 7:30)
Sun-Tues: 4:30 Pm – 10 Pm
Place: Marriott Courtyard


- This is special class with 2 full days in a weekend + 3 evenings during working days designed specially to give the chance for working people to attend this Amazing Program.
- Remember to supply one passport size photos, please

Join us in this amazing effective program and Learn to use your mind to be more productive, confident, positive and Successful... and have a great time too.
Through The Silva Method, you can learn from the same scientifically based and spiritually driven program which millions of people worldwide have used to enhance and improve their lives in the past 40 years.
Each graduate takes something different from the program, as each individual is amazing and unique. The Silva Method teaches the ability to dance within the harmonious flow of life — to acknowledge, accept, and/or conquer any situation or thought.
We are all one in spirit. Unlike any other program, The Silva Method teaches you to look deep within yourself to discover the person you wish to be.

What you will learn:

Alpha Functioning
Learn to function at the alpha brain wave level and experience the power of using both brain hemispheres instead of just one.
Discover ways to use Alpha tools in your school classes, while studying, and when taking tests. Dramatically increase your grades.

Positive Thinking
Learn to develop and maintain a positive mental attitude.
You will discover how to generate Positive states and attitudes that become a natural part of your personality, Positive Being rather than just positive thinking.

Learn relaxation techniques to relieve tension and stress, keeping you healthier and more productive than you have ever been before.

Sleep Control:
Learn an effective technique for entering deep healthy sleep without the help of drugs. Eliminate insomnia and restless nights by using your brain's natural functions to make it easier to get to sleep, and wake up feeling completely refreshed and rested.

To Awake Control:
Learn to awake naturally without an alarm clock by using your internal time sensing mechanism.

Awake Control:
Learn how to give yourself a "boost" of energy, to stay awake and alert longer when necessary.

Dream Control:
Learn to remember dreams and tap into their information to solve problems.
Learn techniques that can help you find positive solutions to problems.
Use your dream states while you sleep to tap into your inner conscious in a highly creative way.

Headache Control:
Through headache control, you will learn to relieve tension and migraine headaches without the use drugs.
Gain freedom from suffering, and eliminate headaches caused by daily pressure and anxiety. This technique is also successfully adapted for relief from migraine headaches.

Mental Screen:
Set and achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.

Memory Pegs
Memory Pegs will help you to improve visualization, imagination and memory.
Increasing your memory and concentration is easy when you learn to
Enhance your visualization skills. Improved memory can have very positive effects in many areas of your personal and professional life.

Mirror of the Mind
Learn to program yourself for success.

Trigger Mechanisms:
You will learn techniques that harness and direct powerful inner conscious processes to help bring about desired results in areas of self-control, health, sports, self-motivation, confidence, positive changes in
personality, and more.

Hand Levitation
Learn to enter the theta brain wave level so you can correct problems that reside at these deep levels.

Glove Anesthesia
Learn to control pain and speed healing.
Access deep levels to learn to gain freedom from pain. These techniques have been successfully used for pain control in clinics and hospitals.

Decision Making:
Confident decision-making requires the feeling that you have enough information to ensure a positive outcome. You will learn how to use levels of mind where you have access to information both Logical and Intuitive. This increases the likelihood of making a good decision and solidifies ideas into good workable solutions.

Weight and Habit Control
Learn to get rid of bad habits, replacing them with new good habits.
Attain control of your "urge" mechanism. With this control, you can develop behavior that leads to healthy weight and self-image.
Control of Dependencies such as smoking and other habits: Learn one of
the most successful techniques available for getting assistance from your inner conscious to help you eliminate unwanted habits and gain mastery of your

Develop your intuition
Learn to develop your intuition.

Creative Development:
Creativity and Intuition are considered by experts to be among the
highest levels of human mind functioning. In business, intuition is a
necessity. In personal life it is often the deciding factor in having a good
relationship, being an effective parent, and enjoying personal power. The mind
training exercises in this portion of the class also give your mind agility and
the ability to use subjective states to generate creative inspiration.

Advanced Intuitive Problem Solving:
Actual problem cases are used to help demonstrate the tremendous faculties of human intelligence as it relates to detecting and correcting problem situations. This part of the program convinces even the greatest skeptic in the power of the self-controlled mind.

At the end of the course you will receive:
1) a SILVA certificate
2) An international card which gives you the right to reset the course for free as often as you wish, anywhere in the world, for the rest of your

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